Having Fun on the Job taking Professional Portraits

Bring Your Smile and Sense of Humor to your Portrait Photography Session As a photographer I love when you get that traditional pose just right and it come out looking clean and classical, but I also love it when you bring in a sense of humor and want to just have fun. I recently had […]

Traveling for Work as an AM Studios Portrait Photographer

Work and Play as a Professional Portrait Photographer My blog this month is about all the fun traveling we get to do while working for AM Studios as professional photographers. For example, we get to go to some gorgeous places with nearby state and national parks, all while having hotels and gas paid for, so […]

Life as an AM Studios Photographer

New Experiences While Earning a Living When I started working at AM Portrait Studios, I had no idea the impact that this job would soon have on my life. With this company, I get to travel to almost 30 different states and experience each state‚Äôs unique culture. Personal Growth, both Professionally and Personally This job […]