How to Prepare your Newborn for Portraits

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Professional Newborn Portrait Photography

I’d like to start off by saying how awesome this family was! They were fun and excited when they brought this little 2 week old in for her first professional newborn portraits at AM Studios. When they showed up for her newborn portrait photo session, this little one was sleeping so soundly that we almost thought she was a doll!

How to Prepare for a Newborn Photo Shoot

And this is the perfect example of what to do when bringing in a baby this young for family or solo portraits. In this blog I just wanted to give some advice on how to prepare when bringing in a little one under 2 months old to the studio.

Feed your Newborn Before the Portrait Session

With newborn babies to two month old infants I recommend that they arrive to the newborn portrait session fed and with a clean diaper. This will make baby comfortable and sleepy and they are more likely to give you the best result in the portrait shoot when they are in deep sleep. This is because you can move them around and pose them very easily. And when they are this young they are almost like putty, if you hold them in a certain pose for a few seconds they tend to hold it on their own. With this, even some of the more difficult poses will work out very well.

Blankets, Bottles, and Bunnies (Stuffed)

And with winter still here, some studios can be a bit chilly depending on where the mall has us set up. So in-between the poses we’re doing, it is helpful to bring a good blanket to cover the little one up with. Additionally, having an emergency pacifier or bottle easily accessible is never a bad idea just in case we need to calm baby down and get them back to sleep to continue the session. Also don’t be afraid to bring any special props so that you can incorporate a personal aspect to the portraits. Some of my favorite items people bring in are grandma’s handmade blankets and stuffed animals and we will find a way to incorporate these in your portraits.

And that is just some simple tips can help your newborn portraits and experience go smoothly.

Thank you.

Sincerely your photographer,

Jeff Clark

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