What to Expect at AM Studios – A First Timer’s Guide

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About AM Studios Portrait Photography Company

This first timer’s guide is for anyone wanting to know step by step exactly what you can expect during your first AM Studios session, from the initial sign up to taking home your portrait collection! AM studios home base is in Colorado Springs Colorado and the mobile portrait division travels to around 25 states nationwide and growing every year!

Step One: Setting Up Your Appointment

The first step to your AM Studios shoot will be setting up your appointment. Our team of representatives drive to the location to meet customers and sign up sessions. As customers are walking through the mall, our representatives offer customers a certificate for portraits and tell them about our special $20 promotion which is 1- 10×13, 2- 5×7’s and 16 wallets of the first pose and a $10 sitting fee day of the shoot that covers the whole family up to 12 people. The representative also lets customers know that in addition to the $20 promotion, the photographer will take an extra 6-8 poses so they will have the option to purchase additionals when the pictures are ready. Customers then choose a time for the session and pay the $20 for the special promotion. Many times we hear from customers that they were not even thinking about family photos when they were at the mall shopping until they were approached by our representatives and they are SO happy they signed up once they see the end result!

Step Two: The Portrait Photo Session

Now time for the fun part, the session! Around 3 days prior to your shoot the photographer will give you a call to confirm your appointment. If you have any last minute scheduling conflicts, it is important to let your photographer know right away since they will only be onsite at the location for a short amount of time. When you arrive at the studio you will generally be greeted by a receptionist who will get you checked in, collect the $10 sitting fee, give you a card with the date to pick up the photos when they are finished (usually 1-2 weeks later) and again recaps that the first pose will be the promotion and the extra poses will be available for purchase at your pickup date. We also shoot on a green screen so you will be able to choose from 7 different background options for your portraits. The photographer will then call you back for the photo shoot once they are ready. During weekends and the holiday season it is possible to experience a small wait, but sessions are generally quick and efficient.
After the photographer calls you back they will introduce themselves and confirm what you want as your promotional package, which will be the first pose. Typically most families want the promotion to be the whole family together. The photographer will then take the promotional pose, and then will take the 6-8 extra poses generally including the kids together, mom and dad together, the boys, the girls, a second family pose, a solo of new baby (if applicable) etc. Usually our experienced photographers can get all the poses in about 10 minutes, making it a fun and easy experience for everyone. If you have anything else specific in mind you wanted that was not covered during your session you should let your photographer know as they are wrapping up. Otherwise they will remind you that the first pose of the whole family will be for the promotional package that is already paid for, and you will have the option to view and purchase the additional poses at the scheduled pickup date.

Step Three: Portrait Viewing and Pickup

It takes about 1-2 weeks after your session for the photos to go to the lab, get the backgrounds put in, and get everything printed. The portrait consultant will contact you about 3 days before your photo viewing to confirm the time that the photographer gave you. If you have a conflict with that time, it is important to let your consultant know right away as they will only be at the location for a short period of time. When you arrive you will sit down with a friendly portrait consultant for about 15 minutes who will go over all of your portrait options with you. They will give you your promotional package that is already paid for which is 1-10 x 13, 2-5×7’s and 16 wallets of the first pose. Then they will show you the 6-8 extra poses which will be pre-printed in a few different sizes ready to take home. They will also have digital downloads with the copyright ready and have different options for speciality products like canvases available for purchase. Pricing for extras will vary and will depend on any specials we are running at that time and what exact options you would like to include in your collection. However our portrait consultants are experienced at customizing a collection for all budget ranges. Since we are a mobile company all purchasing decisions need to be made at the time of pickup as we can not hold any portraits for later purchase. After you are happy with your selection of portraits and products you are ready to take them home and start sharing with friends and family to enjoy!

About Professional Photographer, Ashley Flora

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a portrait photographer with a heart for travel and the outdoors. Following my creative drive, I began working in the photography industry in 2011 and received my BFA in photography from Metropolitan State University in 2014. Since then I have found a home working as a traveling portrait photographer with AM Studios.

When I’m not traveling, I can be seen biking around my wonderful mountainous home of Boulder Colorado, running, experimenting with my film camera collection, gardening and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.

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